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Frequently Asked Questions About Grease Traps

Q: What is a grease trap?

A: A grease trap is a tank attached to the outlet side of a sink & equipment drains. The chambers (usually screens) slow the flow of water waste, allowing the fats, oils and grease to become cool, permitting them to rise to the surface. The solids settle to the bottom and the remaining water flows out through the sewer system.

Q: Why are grease traps required?

A: Grease traps are required in most areas to prevent fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from flowing into a city's sewer system. An incorrectly maintained grease trap often causes line blockages, overflows, odors, and costly emergency services. All grease traps will clog without regular maintenance.

Q: How often do I need to clean my grease trap?

A: Most municipalities require monthly grease trap maintenance or cleaning. This is highly dependent on the type of food service operation and volume of business. All grease interceptors should be cleaned at least twice each year. Some establishments will find it necessary to clean their grease traps/interceptors much more frequently. If grease trap cleaning becomes too excessive, installing a larger grease trap should be considered. Cleaning grease traps frequently reduces the grease loading and shortens cleaning time.


Additional Tips to Avoid Costly Grease Trap Repairs:

    - Make sure food prep and wash sinks are tied into a trap.
    - Be sure your trap is properly sized.
    - Properly train staff to remove as much waste and food solids as possible from equipment before washing.
    - Maintain records of all grease trap cleanings for code compliance.

   - Pour boiling water into a trap connected sink as it forces FOG's down the sewer pipe.
   - Connect garbage disposals into the trap.
   - Connect high temperature dishwashers into the trap.
   - Put chemicals, bleach, additives or drain cleaners into the trap. They destroy naturally beneficial bacteria and risk harm
     to the environment!

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